social media

Since each athlete/companys needs are unique, we are dedicated to creating a custom strategy to help you grow your following. And we’ll update it as your goals and your reach changes.


There’s always room to increase your opportunities for exposure and sponsorships. But sponsors need to know that your social media as an athlete/company will also benefit their brand. The larger your social media following is, the easier it will be to get the exposure and/or sponsorships you want.


WMC Sports Marketing has years of experience in managing social media for athletes and sports companies. You can trust us to create posts that engage your audience and nurture your online community professionally.

our services

WMC Sports provides custom social media post templates catered to athlete/sports businesses following across all platform as well as strategic media that captivates your audience.

Services Includes:

-Social Media Templates 

-Dynamic Photoshoots

-Social Media Strategy 

-Action  Videos